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Bridge the Gap International at work


Mission for Christ (Mark Johnson)Gary KuneyNorth India Evangelistic Assoc. (Ashish Massey)
The Hillview School Foundation (Ashish Massey)Into All the World (Peru)Great Commission Ministries Intl. (Waleed Nassar)Christopher DownesJohn WilsonWheelchairs for the World (Geoff Bone)Allan DeGuzmanRivers of Mercy (Emmis and Kristin Robles)Barbara TaylorMessianic Military Ministries Intl. (Schuman)Into All the World (David and Christine Lewis)Conner ClanNations for Christ (Gordon-John Manche)Nelson and Roseyln ChalcoAngelo and Kimberly Weynen
Compassionate Hearts Intl. (Susan Schrader)
Global Commission (Lloyd Hanebury)
MissionSupport (Rick Schwendinger)Howard and Cheryl ShouseRebekah and Arnulfo RiosGlenn StoughJohn and Kathy NgohINTO ALL THE WORLD (DESERT CHILD)
Kingdom Fire Ministries Int'l (Matt Hastreiter)ALFA (Tina Hite)
Danbi MartinKathy SerranoNel Ministries (Riann & Holly Nel)Martha Gassman Ministries Into All the World (Bill Lewis)Geoff Bone Premier Network MinistriesCase
Charakter Ministry of the Arts (Wesley Brainard)
Dan and Deena Simmons
Ebenezer Doku Ministries
Family On A Mission (Manny Lima)
God's Global Ministries (Ed & Julie Byrnes)
Greg Craycraft
Henry Tanah
In Christ Ministries (Shonna Slatten)
Lois Meyer
Mama's House
Randy and Kerry Loescher
Stuart Sullivan
WillsonPastor AugustineDaniel Kumar Shine Ministries
Gilead Home of Destiny
Utham Kumar
Vision for Asia (Isaac Prajeev)
Bridge the Gap International, Inc. is a non-denominational missions service organization with one primary goal: to serve the visions of missionaries, ministers and non-profit organizations worldwide. 

BGI incorporated in 1993 with a 501(c)3 status for the purpose of facilitating and advancing the work of these ministries by offering some administrative services.  As we see it, through helping missionaries and other ministers with their business affairs, we can free them to do the ministry they are called to do.  In this way we serve as their armor bearers in ministry, partnering and encouraging them in their work.

Currently BGI serves more then 75 different ministries in nations all around the world.  Feel free to explore our site and learn more about some of the ministries we work with and the services we offer. 

Note:  Parts of this site are still under construction, so please be patient with us.  Thanks!